[zjh@hs-10-20-30-193 ~]$ lt_ctl -D lightdb-x-dev-server/data stop   #停止
waiting for server to shut down............................... done
server stopped

[zjh@hs-10-20-30-193 ~]$ lt_ctl -D lightdb-x-dev-server/data start    # 启动
waiting for server to start....2022-05-26 06:43:53.407933C  @  postmaster  00000[2022-05-26 06:43:53 UTC] 0 [167878] LOG:  LightDB autoprewarm: prewarm dbnum=0
2022-05-26 06:43:53.408078C  @  postmaster  00000[2022-05-26 06:43:53 UTC] 0 [167878] LOG:  Auto detecting pg_stat_kcache.linux_hz parameter...

2022-05-26 06:43:53.408093C  @  postmaster  00000[2022-05-26 06:43:53 UTC] 0 [167878] LOG:  pg_stat_kcache.linux_hz is set to 1000000
2022-05-26 06:43:53.410947C  @  postmaster  00000[2022-05-26 06:43:53 UTC] 0 [167878] LOG:  pgaudit extension initialized
2022-05-26 06:43:53.617145C  @  postmaster  00000[2022-05-26 06:43:53 UTC] 0 [167878] LOG:  redirecting log output to logging collector process
2022-05-26 06:43:53.617145C  @  postmaster  00000[2022-05-26 06:43:53 UTC] 0 [167878] HINT:  Future log output will appear in directory "log".

server started

[zjh@hs-10-20-30-193 ~]$ lt_ctl --help
lt_ctl is a utility to initialize, start, stop, or control a LightDB server.

  lt_ctl init[db]   [-D DATADIR] [-s] [-o OPTIONS]
  lt_ctl start      [-D DATADIR] [-l FILENAME] [-W] [-t SECS] [-K KEY-CMD] [-s]
                    [-o OPTIONS] [-p PATH] [-c]
  lt_ctl stop       [-D DATADIR] [-m SHUTDOWN-MODE] [-W] [-t SECS] [-s]
  lt_ctl restart    [-D DATADIR] [-m SHUTDOWN-MODE] [-W] [-t SECS]  [-K KEY-CMD] [-s]
                    [-o OPTIONS] [-c]
  lt_ctl reload     [-D DATADIR] [-s]
  lt_ctl status     [-D DATADIR]
  lt_ctl promote    [-D DATADIR] [-W] [-t SECS] [-s]
  lt_ctl logrotate  [-D DATADIR] [-s]
  lt_ctl kill       SIGNALNAME PID

Common options:
  -D, --pgdata=DATADIR   location of the database storage area
    -K, --encryption-key-command    command that returns encryption key
  -s, --silent           only print errors, no informational messages
  -t, --timeout=SECS     seconds to wait when using -w option
  -V, --version          output version information, then exit
  -w, --wait             wait until operation completes (default)
  -W, --no-wait          do not wait until operation completes
  -Y, --SM key file      external import SM2/SM4 key file path
  -?, --help             show this help, then exit
If the -D option is omitted, the environment variable PGDATA is used.

Options for start or restart:
  -c, --core-files       allow lightdb to produce core files
  -l, --log=FILENAME     write (or append) server log to FILENAME
  -o, --options=OPTIONS  command line options to pass to postgres
                         (PostgreSQL server executable) or initdb
  -p PATH-TO-POSTGRESQL    normally not necessary

Options for stop or restart:
  -m, --mode=MODE        MODE can be "smart", "fast", or "immediate"

Shutdown modes are:
  smart       quit after all clients have disconnected
  fast        quit directly, with proper shutdown (default)
  immediate   quit without complete shutdown; will lead to recovery on restart

Allowed signal names for kill:

Report bugs to //>.

LightDB home page: //>

[zjh@hs-10-20-30-193 ~]$ ltsql -Ulightdb
ltsql (13.3-22.1)
Type "help" for help.

lightdb@postgres=# select current_user;
 cron.database_name  | postgres                | Database in which pg_cron metadata is kept.

 data_checksums      | off                     | Shows whether data checksums are turned on for this cluster.

 data_directory      | /mnt/pmem0/data/data524 | Sets the server's data directory.

 data_directory_mode | 0700                    | Mode of the data directory.

 data_encryption     | off                     | Shows whether data encryption is turned on for this cluster.

 data_sync_retry     | off                     | Whether to continue running after a failure to sync data files.

(6 rows)


lightdb@postgres=# alter system set data_sync_retry=on;
lightdb@postgres=# exit
[zjh@hs-10-20-30-193 ~]$ lt_ctl -D lightdb-x-dev-server/data reload
server signaled
[zjh@hs-10-20-30-193 ~]$

Author: zhjh256
Title: lightdb启动与停止